Our extensive engineering and design skills combined with our years of experience in the manufacture of bioreactors and related equpment make us the ideal partner to undertake Special Projects.

Working closely with our customers to find practical solutions, these are a few examples of the projects we have undertaken.

Multiple fermenter system

The aim was to allow the maximum number of fermenters in the minimum space, whilst maintaining individual operating volumes of 5 litres. We designed a two-tier rack, using one side for the fermenter vessels and the rear for pumps, bottles etc., with the control system mounted to the end. This allowed 24 x 5 litre fermenters to operate in less than 4m2 (42 sq.ft.) of floor space whilst still providing excellent access - in total 68 x 5 litre vessels occupy a laboratory of just 25m2.

Peek/Glass Vessel

For use where the experimental process can cause corrosion, or where metals in the vessel can have an effect on results, we have designed and produced several fermenter vessels which have no stainless steel parts in contact with the media. All such parts are made either from glass or PEEKā„¢ (Polyetherether Ketone).