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Bonna-Agela, a chromatography specialty company, has developed many HPLC methods for Pharmacopoeia applications. Many of these methods using Bonna-Agela columns have been acknowledged by USP-PQRI column database for better solutions of HPLC applications. Detailed information and methods of selection of your HPLC columns can be found at here.

* Fengyan Jia, Wenwen Wang, Juan Wang, Jungang Yin, Yongming Liu and Zhenbo Liu (2012) New strategy to enhance the extraction efficiency of pyrethroid pesticides in fish samples using a modified QuEChERS (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe) method, Anal. Methods, 4, 449-453; DOI: 10.1039/C2AY05681J


Determination melamine in fish, milk and eggs by MAS-HPLC

Instrument: L6-1 series HPLC

Sample preparation method kit for melamine determination, including HCl 0.1mol/L, 6% sulfosalicylic acid, Venusil SCX-M and its guard cartridge; syringe filter; melamine standard (>99%);

Reagents: acetonitrile (chromatographic grade), potassium dihydrogen phosphate (analytical grade), ultrapure water.

Releated product from Bonna-Agela

Products Speciafication Cat.No
Clarinert syringe filters 0.45 µm, nylon AS021320-T
0.22 µm, nylon AS021345-T
Cleanert MAS SPE Cartridge Special designed for melamine extraction MS-SPM5001
Venusil SCX-M HPLC Column 4.6*250mm, 5µm, 300Å
Guard cartridge 4.6*10mm, 4/pk VSc950105-0

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